Risk Management

Managing the risks by prioritizing what needs to be addressed first is crucial. In this module users are directed to evaluate a risk depending on the probability and the consequence. Through the concept of the risk matrix, visibility of identified risks can assist in the decision-making process. Risk management is discussed based on six main areas as detailed below.

  1. Production Planning Optimization - The reader will learn about common challenges in production planning and key features of planning the production of different chemical products in a fixed facility. The reader will learn how to optimize production scheduling, sequencing and levelling of inventory in order to reduce waste and improve overall plant utilization.
  2. Internal Transport Chemicals - This presentation introduces the reader to the good practices of chemical transportation, in-company traffic routes and temporary storage establishments.
  3. Storage - The reader will learn about the use of storage systems providing illustrations of technical solutions, general storage rules and specific rules for each storage category (including incompatibilities).
  4. Fire Protection - The presentation explains the basics of fire ignition process and the objectives of the fire protection concept. The reader will familiarize with the subject trough the illustration of construction, organization, technical and specific measures to be applied to reduce fire related risks.
  5. Fire Protection at Welding and Cutting - The reader will be familiarized with the main hazards related to these activities and the preventive measures to implement before and during the execution of said activities.
  6. Explosion Protection -The reader will be given information about the identification of ignition sources and the type of explosions that could occur. An introduction to the evaluation of the explosion risk and the prevention measures that can be put in place to avoid the creation of a potentially explosive atmosphere is also given.
  7. This section contains following checklists.
    • Storage of hazard materials
    • Explosion Protection
    • Fire Protection
This module contains
  • 6 presentation
  • 3 case studies
Key messages
  • The responsible production approaches
  • The risk matrix
  • Specific Focus: Transport and Storage
  • Specific Focus: Process Control
  • Specific Focus: Fire and Explosions

Study Materials
  • Production Planning Optimization
  • Internal Transport Chemicals
  • Storage
  • Fire Protection
  • Fire Protection at welding and cutting
  • Explosion Protection
  • Case Studies

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