This online course is intended to give graduates the information and tools to make a difference and find success by learning different modules on SMART Chemicals Management. Market and policy drivers are increasing regulatory pressures to use less toxic chemicals in manufacturing processes and products and required innovative solutions and business models.

SMART chemicals management aims to optimize the use of resources with substitutions of hazardous chemicals, safe handling of chemicals, minimization of accidents and releases to the environment with the objective to enhance efficiency and environmental performance.

It is the preferred approach to deal with the high amounts of chemicals that strongly increased globally and are present in a majority of production processes and products in daily life in a responsible way. Hazardous chemical wastes generated through out the life cycle of production processes amount to 400 million tons per year. According to the statistics every human being generates 60kg of hazardous waste per year on average. These hazardous wastes generate a substantial threat to human health and environment.

This online course was developed under the UNIDO project “SMART Chemicals Management in Sri Lanka” with the support of the National Cleaner Production Center, Sri Lanka and in cooperation with 10 universities in Sri Lanka.

The project contributes to the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) 2020 which objectives are supported by the Quick Start Programme (QSP).

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