Hazard Management

It is important to know how to manage the identified hazards through the risk assessment. This module focuses on ways to minimize the identified hazards according to the hazard management pyramid. Four main topics are discussed in detail.

  1. Emergency Response Plan- This topic covers planning and post-event actions to be undertaken to minimize the accident or hazardous event consequences. The reader will learn which key information needs to be included in an emergency plan and how to illustrate it in an industrial environment.
  2. Emergency Escape Ways - This presentation introduces the reader to the emergency escape route planning, indication and correct maintenance to ensure its use when required.
  3. Skin Protection - This presentation provides an introduction to skin protection methods through the description of harmful substances, their physical actions and the skin reaction they can induce.
  4. Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) - The reader will learn to distinguish between different protective equipment that protect the user from different substances and exposure methods. Indications about the suitability of the equipment are given, including an example focusing on spray varnishing and painting.
  5. Checklist for PPEs This document contains a list of questions related to the prevention of hazard as illustrated in the PPEs presentation
This module contains
  • 4 Presentations
  • 1 Checklist
Key messages
  • The management pyramids
  • Prevention
  • Reduction Measures

Study Materials
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Emergency Escape Ways
  • Skin Protection
  • PPEs

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